Here's just a small sampling of the charitable organizations and local groups we've supported over the years.

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The Alabama Shakespeare Festival

One of the largest Shakespeare repertory theatres in the world, The Alabama Shakespeare Festival brings literature, music, and world-renowned acting to life for visitors throughtout the world.



Our foundation believes access to music for all ages (and particularly from a very early age) enriches the culture of our society. We support Clefworks' initiatives to bring exciting, challenging performances to our community.



Montessori School at Hampstead

Leading the nation in Montessori methods as one of the fastest growing schools in the US, we support the Montessori School's innovative curriculum and programs to bring health, agriculture, and a well-balanced learning environment to children from infants to junior high ages.

Illustration Melissa Tubbs

The Cloverdale Playhouse

Montgomery's home for community theatre, The Playhouse provides a place for members of the community to come together in creating magical, transformative experiences for friends and neighbors. We support its variety of timely plays and classics, and its children's theatre events.

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

The mission of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret art of the highest quality for the enrichment, enlightenment, and enjoyment of its public. Located in Blount Cultural Park, the city’s museum brings world-renowned fine art and contemporary work to Montgomery for the benefit of all.

The Montgomery Humane Society

The Montgomery Humane Society prevents cruelty to animals by operating an animal shelter for homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals; by operating an adoption center for healthy animals; by investigating cruelty and abuse cases; and by educating the public in animal owner responsibility.